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Jo Coston

As the proud owner of Shine, I can’t wait to welcome you to our studio.


Yoga for me is a place that I can go any time, in any situation, to ground myself in the present moment.  I don’t need to be in any particular place, or any special clothing, I just need to pause, stretch, and breathe.


My yoga journey started when I was in school, doing my homework at the back of yoga classes my Mum was teaching in various school gym halls and hotel conference rooms.  Today, I am thrilled to have my Mum in my Yin classes, and to be able to both give back, and pay it forward.


I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Reva, and am continuing my education with a certification in Positive Psychology.  I have a real love for meditation, and can be frequently found sneaking off to a quiet corner for a quick mind reset.  I have a certification in Beginner Meditation Teacher Training from Sura Flow, and am working on a Meditation Teaching Diploma through the Soul Awakening Academy.

I have a passion for making what we do accessible for everyone.  We all look different in our poses, and the variances in how our bodies are put together ensure that we all have movements and moments that feel easier than others.  All of the moments, the ones with flow, the ones that make you wobble, and the ones that we’ll try again tomorrow, are welcome at Shine.

Kate Evans

As the creator of Shine Yoga, I am so excited to welcome you to our community of yogis. I am originally from the UK but have lived in Oakura for 22 years.  


I found yoga over 30 years ago and very quickly became a dedicated practitioner. My original work was as a massage therapist but I wanted to treat the whole person, body, psychology, energy and spirit. I trained in many healing modalities eventually becoming an Integrative Energy Therapist. This path led me to appreciate the alchemy of yoga even more and 7 years ago I started teaching yoga from a little studio on the side of my house. 

Natasha Mason 

I began practising yoga seven years ago through my love of sports and fitness. I realised the deep sense of peace that comes from landing in your own body when you begin listening to its deep inner wisdom and how it truly wants to move.

I wanted to share this gift with family and friends and I consequently completed Sarsha Hope’s 200-hour Embodied Flow Yoga training in August 2021.

I discovered my imperfections on one hand but my magnificence on the other with a deep wild side through which I invite you, in class, to bring more pleasure to your yoga practice and therefore to your life.  I offer you a safe space for you to let go of routines, labels and lists. Join me to come home to your body and open to the magic of a deeply understood self.


Leah Rowe

I was first introduced to yoga 30 years ago when I was given a book by my brother. I quickly grew to love my time of self-care, the connection to my body, and how it seemed to calm my busy mind and help me to navigate my emotions. 

Fast forward many years and the addition of learning many other healing modalities and I have come to realise just how incredibly important it is to have this tool in my self-care toolkit.

Now as a teacher, I have the honour of holding space for others to do the same!

My passion lies in holding space for others to find a deep connection to self and it makes my heart sing to witness this unfold before me within each class.

Robbie Keck

Robbie is passionate about yoga! A practising yogi for 15 years and a full time Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher for 3 years.


His classes infuse Indian philosophy and storytelling with yoga sequences that open and strengthen the body and mind. 


Robbie loves the teachings of the Buddha and Eastern Mysticism bringing the concepts to life for the time we live in. His classes are fun, flowing and will challenge you.


Rorie Evans

Rorie's journey with yoga began in childhood, blossoming into a lifelong dedication to this transformative practice. Her extensive training includes 200-hour certifications in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, a deep dive into Kundalini yoga with a 300-hour program, and a remarkable 500 hours of Ayurvedic study, making her a fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

Following the lineage of Krishnamacharya, Rorie is a perpetual student, ever deepening her knowledge under the guidance of cherished teachers and mentors.

But Rorie's impact goes beyond expertise. She's known for her warmth, relatability, and a touch of humor that makes learning a joy. Come explore the path to well-being with a guide who's not only knowledgeable, but also a pleasure to practice with.

Rorie profile.jpg

Velvet Scarletta

I’m passionate about creating safe, inclusive, compassionate, and inquisitive environments in the yoga classes I guide. My intention is to awaken awareness of how we relate and connect to our bodies, our minds, and the world around us. 


Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years along with Japanese Jiu-Jitsu for the past 7 and I delight in weaving my interests and learnings into the classes I facilitate. I'm passionate about offering people the tools to live a more resilient, empowered, autonomous life. 

Becky Bruckner

Just recently I decided to make it official and became a trained yoga instructor for kids through Contemporary Yoga.


I feel honoured to share the blessing and positive energy of this practice in an age-appropriate, fun-filled environment.  I love working with children as it's a great opportunity to see things with fresh eyes and a playful spirit.


Nicole Michelini

Waves are my life energy & surfing requires courage, a good sense of balance and physical strength.  Yoga offers me all of those components.


I had my first contact with yoga in 2013 in Costa Rica.  Back in Switzerland I then visited the yoga class of a good friend once a week and found my way into the yoga world through her. 

I am Nicole Michelini, 42 years old from Zurich, Switzerland.  I completed my yoga teacher trainings, TT200hr and Advanced TT300hr in 2017 at Yogalives in Zurich.


To me, yoga means friendship with my body, my mind and soul.  It also brings opportunities to grow and self-reflect and to be more grounded.  Yoga creates space for myself and for others around me.  It creates space for my body to grow, to be stronger, and more balanced so that I can go lighter through life and connect wholeheartedly with others. 

Nicole profile pic.jpg

Laura Briggs

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years after being given a book from my Mum as a teenager.  My practice supported me through medical school and working as a doctor before I realised that I wanted to move away from medicine and into a more holistic practice.  Sharing and teaching yoga seemed like the natural step.

I completed my first 200 hour training with Path of Yoga in June 2022 and my second with Reva in December 2023, and now feel ready to share my love of the practice with others.

I'm passionate about supporting people to experience the joy in freedom of movement, and to discover how the practice can support their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Eva Collins

For me Yoga is a way to slow down, connect in and return to our natural state of stillness. From this place of stillness, we are best equipped to navigate the busy world around us and show up as our most authentic selves.

I trained in a style called Pranaa Yoga which combines structured elements of Iyengar,  more gentle esoteric elements of Amrit and flowing dance like movement. But truthfully, I’ve had many different Yoga teachers that have influenced my practice from Krishna yoga, Hatha, Raja and Bhakti styles. 

I have a background as a musician. Naturally I’m drawn to expressing with sound using instruments of all kinds and voice. 
I like to call myself a student of Yoga. Yoga for me is the art of self-study, not just a set of physical postures. I love the continual unfolding of learning as I go.

Mostly I hope that by sharing my passions I can facilitate an accepting gentle space for all bodies without judgment or worrying what the person on the mat next to us looks like.

Eva in the trees_edited.png

Amy Louise

Amy has an extremely creative mind that lends well to understanding and crafting Kundalini yoga classes mixed with modern organic music to further enhance your connection to the ancient practice. 

A receiver of how Kundalini yoga improved her life, she found her calling and lives to share these powerful life-changing practices through her own unique lens. 

Passionate about mental health and feeling good, she adapts hard and fast ancient 'rules' to suit her students so their love for the practices grows to the point you just can't give it up. The positive benefits are too obvious!

Also a Yoga Nidra guide, Cacao facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Embodied Yin and Shake the Dust teacher, she has plenty to offer the Shine family and can't wait to meet you all

Amy by the Sea #2.jpeg
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