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4 weeks

Thursday, 6pm

New term starts 20th June '24

Investment- $60

Payment plan available 

In this course we will explore different types of meditation, learn a little about how meditation works in the brain and the body, touch on mindfulness, and give you the tools to find out how meditation can best work for you to develop a sustainable practice.  I aim to make meditation simple and achievable for anybody.

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8 weeks

Thursday 9.15am

Term starts 9th May '24

Investment- $135,

Drop-ins $18

Experience awakening your energy to cultivate intention and motivation in alignment with your purpose for this lifetime. Connect energetically with your true place in the world through weekly deep dives into breath control with gentle and dynamic movement practices.  This class is suitable for everybody.


8 weeks

Thursdays at 4.40pm

New term starts 9th May '24

Investment- $105

Becky has created this special class to introduce 6-10 year olds to the beauty and positivity of yoga. She uses creative story telling and fun-filled focused mindful movements to excite and inspire any little budding yogi.

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10 weeks

Tuesday, 7pm

New term starts 30th April '24

Investment- $150

Drop-in option available

Teacher- Laura Briggs

Developed especially for the guys. Whatever down-time activity or sport you do, this class is for you. Yoga is the perfect cross training tool. This class ensures you create space in your body and mind.

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9 weeks

Monday 4.15pm

New term starts 6th May '24

Investment- $120

Teacher- Laura Briggs

Created especially for Generation Alpha, this class is designed to empower with skills of connection, acceptance, and self care, while building strength and flexibility.  Ideally for years 9-14

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8 weeks

Tuesdays at 5.30pm

New term starts 7th May '24

Investment- $120

A series of classes especially for those who are new to yoga or early on their journey, or would just like a slow pace and a focus on alignment. This series will give you the foundations of a great yoga practice.

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