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Welcome to our beautiful, light, spacious yoga studio.

Join us now to transform your day, or your life. 


Shine Yoga, as a place and a practice, has been transforming bodies and lives for more than six years. 

Situated in Oakura a sparkling seaside town on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, our studio is blessed by stunning views and beautiful sunsets.

Our intention at Shine is to create a yoga studio where there is a focus on depth, growth and transformation. Where students feel safe and held in a container of care, compassion and belief in the divine essence in all of us. 

Hands on yoga mat
Meditation Cushion and Sound Bowl
Hand Mudra

We offer the full breadth of yoga experience in our classes.

Most people try yoga because they want to transform something, perhaps a stiff achy body, to find ease and strength. Some want to learn how to move their busy mind toward peace and calm. Many people come to find a connection to something greater than themselves to transform their feelings of aloneness. 


At Shine we love to guide you through the many layers of life, we love the possibility of transformation. 

We have yoga for those that want to move and shift energy and those that want to be still. There are nourishing and welcoming classes for those that have never done yoga before or are new to the studio and Shine yoga. For the dedicated yogi, we offer suggestions on how to deepen the self-understanding of embodiment.

We guide a diverse range of people of all ages and all levels of experience and ability.

Your journey to the wisdom of embodiment at Shine Yoga Studio will be filled with gentle guidance to find authentic movement, deep breath, peaceful meditation and relaxation. You will be invited to dive into your senses, to experiment and discover how your own system responds to life. We will guide you to connect with your energetic system and maybe aspects of yourself that have been hidden.


There is plenty of time, there is no rush. Each student is nurtured to develop and grow at their own pace.

We will ignite your curiosity and help you feel whole again.

Shine Yoga Teacher

We would love you to come and try a class or talk to us to see which one we feel would suit you best.

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