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Sunday 23rd June, 2pm

Learn this GENTLE yin style of Breathwork as taught by founder Leonard Orr.


Rebirthing or Yin Breathwork is a simple, powerful and transformational breathing technique that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The breathing involves conscious connected circular breathing that aims to release repressed emotions, stress, and tension from the body.


This deep dive session will first involve learning the breathing technique (15 mins). We will immediately put this into practice through a group breathwork session where I will support each of you to use the connected circular breathing. 


*Numbers are limited in order to offer you the support needed to master the technique and enter the breathwork practice. 

*Following this session you will be able to practice the technique on your own. 

*This is a very safe and supportive space. Appropriate for first timers and also for those who have practiced other techniques and are interested in learning this Rebirthing / Yin technique. 

Investment- $30, 50% discount for members.

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Next session under construction!

Discover gentle Prana-based flow and movement, guided by your body's intuitive wisdom. Dive deep into relaxation with a live sound meditation in Savasana.

Eva's background as a musician and training in flowing Pranaa Yoga bring a unique combination of elements together to create an accepting, gentle space where all bodies and levels of yoga experience are welcome.


Book now to secure your spot for this transformative experience.


Thursdays, 7.30pm

Experience the Magic of Sacred Sound Healing with Leah.


Step into a world of deep relaxation and rejuvenation under Leah's expert guidance as she leads you through a transformative journey of Sacred Healing Sound.


Release the stresses of daily life and let yourself simply be.

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